How to Start a Blog as a Beginner

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ



I launched my Blog few months back so I am trying to make this post easier to understand as much as I could for all type of reader who wants to know how to start and what needs to be done to start a Blog. I tried to give all the information the way I did when I started, so those beginner who know nothing about the blog like I were, can be benefited from it.


First, I will tell you to maintain a diary of your work everyday and make a note the site you joined and make sure you write down your password and user name in your diary. Try to use different password [Just make sure you do not keep all the eggs in the same basket].

In addition, in your diary try to make and keep the entire note sequentially you joined or did. Another thing you need to be done is to maintaining some text file in your computer, one for your reference link, one for your login link [i.e.]. When you paste the direct login link into your address bar it will directly lead, you to the login page and surely save your time.

Trust me it will help you.


To Start A Blog You Will Need

I am categorizing the section that you are going to need when you start a Blog and make it worthy. In addition, I will discuss it one by one later. Moreover, all the links addresses are given below so that you do not need to go somewhere else to find the link.

  1. E-Mail Address
  2. Domain
  3. Analysis Tools
  4. Directory
  5. Community
  6. Features
  7. Send Button
  8. Monetize
  • CPC AD
  • CPM AD
  • Affiliate

1. E-Mail Address

Try to have three e-mail addresses for yourself

  • First, for your Blog and all the readers, friend
  • Second, for your all businesses
  • Third, for your online banks

To sign up for your e-mail address Click => gmail, yahoomail


2. Domain

Well I am currently operating a free Blog so I will only discuss about it. However, if any one of you wants to purchase a domain for self-hosting site then you may try it. Anyway, to get yourself a free Blog you have to sign up for the provider site. There are some free Blog provider site I am listing which you can try=> Blogger, which is powered by Google itself, another one is WordPress. WordPress is for advanced user when Blogger is much easier for beginner to customize their Blog. Nevertheless, both are fun to work.

After signing up you have customized your Blog the way want it to look. To know how to customize, you can see my Blog, you can do the same but if you want to change something then you can do it also in your Blog by modifying it.

Special Tips For The Blog

  • When you choose what type of Blog you want to start make sure you are choosing the right one.
  • The name of your Blog should be special one and it should explain bit of [what you want to do].
  • Understanding the terms, like- “Traffic” it means the visitor/reader of your Blog, “Keywords” You will see this term again, again and again. This is important a good keyword [when you choose the name of your Blog or the title of your post on the Blog] can bring more reader. Remember Reader is the OXYGEN of a Site/Blog.
  • Moreover, when you post something in your Blog make sure its send to the WORLD. How to do it I will explain just keep reading.


3. Analysis tools

To know about your Blog and its reader and the overall performance of your Blog you have to sign up some tools. Tools like-

Feed Burner [Keep your feed url in your text you will need it]

Google Analytics [It will let you know from what part of the World visitor had visited your Blog with details]

Google Webmaster Tools


4.  Directory

When you are done with the Blog settings and all other things and you are sure, your Blog is ready then post your first article. Well then, next thing you have to do is to let the World know about your Blog. How to do it? The answer is, you have to submit your sites url [e.g.] to some different directory.

Remember when you are sign up for those directories after the sign up you have to verify some with adding Meta tag, or some with adding the link in your Blog. To adding the Meta tag in your Blog here is the things you have to do- if you have a Blog in Blogger then follow these instructions,

The Way of Adding the Code

  • Click in Layout > Edit HTML > Put Tick Sign on Expand Widget Templates > under that you will find a section <head> under this section press enter once then paste your collected Meta tag

That is the one way to verify Google and Bing. For others you have to follow the same instructions until

  • Put Tick Sign on Expand Widget Templates > Then you have to scroll down at the bottom > You will find </body> on top of that you have to paste your Meta tag then press enter to separate from </body>

To add banner code or other code/widget,

  • Click in Layout > Page Elements > Add a Gadget > HTML/Java Script > Paste your collected banner/widget code > Save

I am telling you to press enter to separate one Meta tag from others so that, if you need to remove anyone of those Meta tag you can find it easily. You will never know when you going to need what!

For the WordPress Blog it is easy to add Meta Tag. Follow these instructions,

  • Click in Tools > Paste your Meta tag in given area > Save

For others tag or code to add

  • Click in Widgets > Text > Paste your tag/code > Save


Yahoo! Site Explorer

Bing Webmaster Center

Others SEO/ Directory

Addme <This site is my first choice because they submitted my url in others SEO by itself without any cost.







5. Community

A community is the places where you are going to interact and share your thoughts with various people around the World. Moreover, one more thing you have to know is, in this web World you have to be helpful. You have to be sharing minded; if you help others then they will do the same to you. That is why it is community. In addition, if you can maintain good relations with others the chance of getting more reader will increase, because we all want to know more about our knowing persons. Some of these sites are also directory of Blog.

Some Community Site









6.  Features

This is not mandatory but adding different features in your Blog will make it more interesting. By adding some different poll or Communications Widget can increase interactions between you and your readers. To add this you have to sign up with some features provider site. Like-

Features Provider Site

Polldaddy [It is for surveys and polls]

Meebome [It’s help you to add chatting widget in your Blog]


7. Send Button

This send button is going to be very important for you after posting any new articles in your Blog. Now what is send button? I found in my experience these send button is those sites that will help you to let the World know about your article without any fees.

Send Button Site







After posting any article in your Blog if you want to let the World know about it. Here is the things you have to do, go to this site then submit your posted Articles url and click on the send button.


8. Monetize

This very option (i.e. Monetize) only for those who wants to earn money from their Blog; not for those who do Blogging only for building social awareness. To earn money from your Blog you need to capitalize it. There are three way to do it. However, before you sign up for them do not forget to read their Terms and Conditions.

  • CPC [Cost Per Click] AD

CPC ad is those Advertising sites that pay you money Per Click by your reader on their ad every day. Note, you cannot click on your own page ad; it is restricted. By doing so, you might lose your membership from that advertising site. My personal advices to you do not join this CPC site at the very beginning of your Blog; let your Blog grow a little. After spending couple of months then join with them. Choice is yours.

  • CPM [Cost Per Impression] AD

This advertising site will pay you based on impression [mostly 1000 visitor] of your Blogs page. i.e. if any CPM site say – “CPM is $10,” this means that the cost per impression is $0.01. [Equation: Fixed Rate/1000=CPM]           

  • Affiliate

By joining these sites, you can start earning money. You can grab yourself an online store without investment. An affiliate means niche marketing or to understand it more easily let me explain a bit- By advertising/referring the different sites [or, and] by selling the products from the selective sites you can earn commission from them is known niche marketing. They need some one to advertise and sell their product and among you need some one to give money.

To add these sites banner code you have to follow the same instructions as I said earlier. Another important question is how you will get your money well most of these sites send money via CHECK and they support credit card too so it will not be a problem.


Additional Tips For You

  • When you post the article from your Microsoft Word file make sure, before copying all the font colors is in auto mode it will keep default text color of your blog for your article.
  • After posting the article in your Blog keep your articles url in the text file in your computer.
  • Save your posted article in your computer as a word file.
  • Maintain different text file for different category [Login, Banner code, SEO, Reference Link, RSS, E-mail address]
  • Do not keep and save your password in any text or in your computer, write it manually in your diary.
  • Remember you need traffic for your Blog you can get it easily from traffic provider site but all these CPC, CPM sites they do not allow it.
  • You can use these traffic provider sites as an advertising media for your reference link or any other business but not for your Blog.
  • Another thing, do not add Pop Up Ad try to ignore it, because most of the reader do not like it.
  • At the beginning it will be bit difficult for you to earn money from your blog, but as it grows you will get what you wanted.
  • So do not leave your job yet, keep blogging as a part time and keep do some affiliate business. Later you can make some differences.
  • It is your World, do what you like to do. Because we do not like to call someone else boss.

When I started my Blog I still remember the main hurdle I faced were whom to trust whom to not, it give me a headache. I did some research, that time as a beginner I found everything excited and everything suspicious but thanks to ALLAH I came across all those time and met some wonderful good people from different part of the World who helps me a lot, some did it directly and some indirectly. All the information given here is only given because I did it that way. I believe I do not have the right to say someone else to do the things which I did not myself.

Well I am done. What else I can say to you. My final advice to you is-

Whatever you want to sell, you can sell it just do not sell your soul. Cause it belongs to you and your CREATOR.”


Well if you need to know any information just let me know do not bother. I will reply as long as I am capable and alive.

Wish You All The Very Best


Kalimah Tayyibah [The Holy Code] 

لآَ اِلَهَ اِلاَّ اللَّهُ مُحَمَّدٌ رَّسُوْلُ اللهِ


Laa Ilaaha Illaal-Laahu Muhammadur-Rasulul-Lah [Salla’Allahuu Alayhi Wa-Sallaam]


There is none worthy of Worship but ALLAH Muhammad [May ALLAH Bless him and grant him Peace] is the Messenger of ALLAH.